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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #011

Short, but first community blog of the year 2021! We explore some of your questions about Unturned II's mechanics, take a peak at some community-made content, and export some icons.

Exporting Icons

With the earlier this month, we removed unnecessary icons from the …/Extras folder. The icons and econ images took up a lot space (nearly half a gigabyte!) despite not being used for anything in the game.

Menu for exporting high-quality item icons.

However, the icons can still be exported by going to: main menu → Workshop → press "F1" → click "All Item Icons". This will generate icons for every vanilla, curated, or modded item currently installed. Note that this can be intensive and, if there are a lot of mods installed, a very lengthy process. If only a few specific icons are needed, it is much quicker to manually generate those with the item's ID and the "Item Icon" button.

When exporting economy item icons, such as skins, you have to specify the desired item's/vehicle's ID, and the desired skin's ID. Clicking the "Econ Icon" button will then generate an image for the the specified economy item.

Art Showcase

Creativity is the second best thing! Of course, the best thing is the Sportshot. Game art is always fun, and so are the various fan concepts for Unturned II that people put together.

Community Mod – "TRAIN EXTENDED"

I hope you like trains, because DamWorks has a fleet of trains, in their TRAIN EXTENDED mod!

Whether you're needing to decorate your custom map in the level editor, or you're wanting to add in a fancy new drivable train to your map, DamWorks' mod has you covered. If you have never added a train to a custom map before, you can do so through the map's Config.json file. The VehicleID is the train's spawn ID, while the RoadIndex is the road that your train should travel along.

			"VehicleID": 187,
			"RoadIndex": 0

Unturned II access on macOS?

Claiming the "Invitation" item is a process people often ask about. For a more full description of the claiming process, I suggest referring to a past community blogpost. The process is still the same, but it should be noted that the private beta is only available for Windows and Linux currently. There is no macOS support yet, and players cannot claim access from their macOS device. When macOS support is added, you'll hear about it.


Q. Will we always hold our fists up like in Unturned II Devlog #042?
The intention is to add a system where the player will switch between an active or passive stance, such as something like the gun safety stances from Unturned 3.x except for your fists.

Q. What happened to the fingerless gloves in Unturned II–they looked better?!
We completely agree that the older gloves were better! But, we optimize arm rotation for various animations to reduce ugly twists, which leads to weird "finger" positions. So, we chose to remove the "fingerless" design because their positioning made little anatomical sense for some animations. But, not all hope is lost (yet) – Nelson has experimented with some ideas regarding this towards the end of 2020.

Q. Perhaps a system to notify the player if any mods installed have conflicting IDs? This would really help players so that they don't break their collection of mods.
While not particularly fancy, there is such a feature in Unturned 3.x already, and it is fairly safe to expect that there will be some sort of log for mod errors as a part of Unturned II's superior modability as well.

Q. Electricity system for Unturned II? Will there be wires?
We like wires and wiring, and some automation capabilities (e.g., piping from an oil derrick to a fuel tank) are cool!

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