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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2021 edition.

Community Blog #016

Elver and next-gen is coming to Unturned on console, the Chef Zombie plushies have shipped, and more!


Community Blog #015

Anniversary giveaway winner, base-building contest winners, and a fare-thee-well to a community veteran and administrator.


Unturned Anniversary 2021! – Contest and Giveaway

Today is the anniversary of Unturned on Steam! Come celebrate with us, for a chance to win a mythical in-game cosmetic.


Community Blog #014

Kuwait receives even more content, the Chef Zombie plush campaign is almost over, drive a camera-mounted drone, and more!


Community Blog #013

It's the end of April, but the community-made content never ends. It's the animated Tales Of The Unturned, a major console update, and Tech Expansion 2.


Community Blog #012

Whether you're shooting missiles across Hawaii or chucking turtles at your enemies, we showcase some of the best ideas the Unturned community has to offer! From art, to artillery, to Terry, to questions, we have it all.


Community Blog #011

Short, but first community blog of the year 2021! We explore some of your questions about Unturned II's mechanics, take a peak at some community-made content, and export some icons.


Community Blog #010

Festive tidings, and happy holidays! A creator spotlight and more, in this very merry blog post.


Community Blog #009

Revisiting custom artwork on SteamGridDB, now taking applications for in Discord server moderator election, some tweaks to the SDG Blog, and more!


Discord AMA Recap – Unturned II

A recap of the AMA session from July 14, 2020. Focusing on questions regarding Unturned II – the sequel to Unturned.

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