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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Unturned II Devlog #042 update with shade zombies, punching, and more!


Initial support for succumbing to the infection has been added. For the meantime it is triggered with the /zombify command, but eventually it will be tied in some way to damage from zombies.

Your zombie will wander away with all your gear, so you will need to hunt down and kill them to recover it. They are currently passive, but I think it would be interesting if higher level/geared players produce more dangerous zombies. There will probably need to be a limit of one "shade" zombie per player on servers to prevent griefers from spamming them.

Another idea I am toying with, rather than wandering, would be if the zombie stays in a ragdoll state until someone startles it. This would keep you on your toes for whether a corpse is really dead. Maybe this would make more sense as a different special zombie type though.

Visually an animated transition of zombification will be added later, and more animations for resurrection (e.g. from face-down). The transition should be seamless in offline right now, but needs more work for multiplayer. One of the tricky aspects is that the zombie is an entirely separate actor swapped out with the denizen actor which allows the zombie to easily have different abilities and features.


Fists in 3.x have a lot of duplicate logic from melee, and are hardcoded to attack when an item is not equipped. In Unturned II this has been cleaned up by making fists a one-handed melee weapon that are equipped when a weapon is not equipped, allowing them to re-use the same code as the fire axe.

Until blocking and special attacks are added the fists only have a simple attack, and are always raised. I am thinking about separating the safety firing mode used to lower the weapon in 3.x into a toggleable "raised/lowered" weapon stance so that the arms can be in a more natural idle pose when out of combat.

There was an RFC on the forum discussing how brass knuckles and gloves should be handled. It was decided that brass knuckles are a one-handed melee weapon, and certain types of gloves like weighted gloves will boost melee damage.

Viewmodel Sway

The first-person arms felt dull, so I decided to polish up those animations with the end of year playability goal in mind. One-handed weapons sway slightly out of phase from each other, optics align with the recoil pattern, and other minor touches that hopefully make the first-person feel juicy.


Shade zombies passively wandering and not interacting with the other AI is boring. The next tasks on the roadmap are basic perception/detection features, and tidying up the zombification for multiplayer. Ideally there will be some basic zombie survival gameplay with these features on the "u3 props" map by the end of the year!



  • Basic version of changing into a zombie after death. (/zombify)
  • Fists melee and brass knuckles.
  • Teleport (/tp), "Who Is" (/whois) and "Who Am I" (/whoami) commands.
  • Pausing in menu, /pause and /unpause commands.
  • Viewmodel sway while walking and recoil.
  • Playerlist in dashboard.


  • Wearable items for the same slot cannot be worn simultaneously. Will be replaced with a more user-friendly system in the future.
  • Time-based key bindings no longer affected by time dilation.


  • Stance replication bug introduced between engine merges.
  • Jitter when aiming down sights in subordinate hand.
  • Consuming armor plates for health.
  • Left-handed axe hit detection.
  • Pistol dryfire blend out.
  • Laser tick dependency on aim tick.