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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #008

The Community Blog returns! We answer a handful of questions, and take a brief look within a couple of the going-ons of the community.

With the Art Contest having wrapped up at the start of last month, we return to other community news, content, and questions.

Creator Spotlight: Makuta

Makuta describes themselves as an "amateur actor, director, musician, editor, writer, and graphical artist […] all about positivity".

Although they haven't posted much Unturned content recently, three months ago they uploaded "Slay With Caution", as a conceptual music track for Unturned II.

Legally Distinct Missile

Legally Distinct Missile ("LDM") is our fork of Rocket for Unturned, maintained by SDG. Maintenance of the fork is continued in sync with the game.

Various alternatives to the original Rocket have been in development for some time, but most of these are currently semi-private and not yet in a releasable state.

We offer a dedicated hub for LDM, at r/UnturnedLDM. However, the moderators of the original subreddit have created the LDM Community Discord server, which would also be a great place to visit. The team running the server hope for it to be a great and up-to-date resource for LDM!

Invitation Ticket

We don't often publicly comment about the Invitation ticket, which is used to gain access to the Unturned II private beta, but this is a quick reminder on what you need to know:

  1. The Invitation is given for achieving a certain number of playtime hours in Unturned.
  1. You will automatically receive the Invitation item after 1,250 hours of playtime.
  1. If you have the Invitation somewhere in your Steam Inventory, then a new button will appear above the "Stockpile" option. This button appears from the main search/filter page from your in-game cosmetic inventory.
  1. Clicking the button will add Unturned II to your Steam account (i.e., to your Steam library).
  1. It can now be installed, and you can play the private beta.


Many of these questions were pulled from the Unturned Official Discord server, and are some of the more common or popular questions asked.

Q: More gestures for Unturned II? (e.g.; follow me, yes/no)
Safe to say that there will be more, but it can be tricky to convey certain actions.

Q: Are slings/belts/jackets/etc. still planned, or has this changed with the newer player model?
Definitely still planned.

Q: Will there be changes to vehicles in Unturned II to nerf placing freeform barricades on them?
Placing anything on vehicles will probably not happen again. There should still be some amount of car customization, with part swapping and vehicle-specific buildables.

Q: How will first map look? Overgrown and run down, or more like 3.0?
We can't answer this yet, but the outdoor half of environments are fairly close to being ready though (minus a few minor things like additional foliage).

Q: Dual-wielding still planned?
Yes! Nelson would also like to add a one-handed gun and melee to the beta soon™, in order to sort out any remaining issues with dual-weapons.

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