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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Welcome to the SDG Wiki

A new official wiki for Unturned, and all other things Smartly Dressed Games! There's a lot to unpack here, such as what?, and why?, and of course where? So let's jump right into it.

SDG Wiki – the new official wiki

SDG Wiki logo.

Welcome to the SDG Wiki! The official Smartly Dressed Games reference written and maintained by the community. For all things Unturned, and anything else we do.

We have been working on the SDG Wiki for a while now. In total, there are currently over 4,000 pages on the wiki. Within the past year, there have been contributions towards over 1,600 pages, and 1,500 media files! A majority of these contributions led to the creation of new articles or media.

This puts the SDG Wiki roughly on par with its predecessor in terms of content coverage, while also managing to provide many higher-quality pages, images, and templates.

Here are some featured pages: EaglefirePEIAlbertonMythical effects.

Why the Change?

While the FANDOM-hosted predecessor has been useful, this switch is something we've wanted to do for years.

Most importantly: we here at Smartly Dressed Games are hosting the SDG Wiki. Just like with our official forum, there are no third-party advertisements on the official wiki. Additionally, we have much greater control over the features available to readers and editors.

Scope of the SDG Wiki

At this time, the SDG Wiki has a narrowly-defined scope. "Scope" represents what readers can expect to find on the wiki and its articles. First and foremost, the SDG Wiki is committed to providing detailed articles regarding official content for the PC versions of Unturned and Unturned II. This means curated content, and console content, are currently considered out of scope.

A lot of consideration went into deciding what we should consider to be included in the wiki's initial scope. Ultimately, curated projects tend to have a large amount of new content, and some of these projects may even include change to existing official content—thus causing contradictory or conflicting information, which requires much more consideration as to how it should be best handled.

A brief on-wiki project page explains the scope of the site in slightly more detail.

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to the handful of community members who have made various contributions to the SDG Wiki over the course of its lengthy development. Especially to Great Hero J – he has consistently helped with copyediting, media files, and other useful tasks over the past couple years.

Anything Else?

As of version, Unturned will link to the SDG Wiki from in-game. We have also manually updated our links elsewhere to direct to the new official wiki.

For those interested, more information about the new wiki has been posted onto our official forum community. This includes more details such as: contribution breakdowns, new features, design, and more.

Happy (belated) New Year's!

Contact Us

Have questions about our games or SDG? You can reach me through my Twitter handle @MoltonMontro or via email. We also check our various official community forums.