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Unturned II Devlog #007

Popping in for a quick progress report on the test map props!

Street signs with changeable names in the editor! This will make road navigation more interesting, and I think it would be neat to name some roads after community members.

As always everything takes longer than anticipated, but either way there's been a lot of progress over the last week making props for the test map environment. I'm trying to flesh out the details so we can start figuring out the performance, but avoiding gameplay impacting ones until those features are developed later e.g. destructibles. Here's some of the more interesting ones:

Finally bathrooms! These might have a gameplay impact eventually like scavenging for dirty water.

With the greater survival focus I've been looking into other more realistic aspects as well such as dimensions and blueprints. Interestingly a lot of the smaller objects with real dimensions look like they could be snapped like a twig by the thick Unturned character arms, so everything's getting beefed up. The buildings especially, in my opinion, are benefiting from architectural details and proper considerations of the rooms utility/layout.

This is the first fire station sans detail props like windows. The labels are adjustable per-prop which I think will help add character, for example "Town's Fire Station 2" with garage bay names matching the available vehicle types.

I also built some randomization tools this week to speed up level design, and that's a key element of their design for Unturned II: randomization is a tool to help design levels, but not to replace the level's soul – i.e., there are tools to randomly adjust color palettes, fill in window frames and doors, rotate props, etc, but not build the towns themselves.

See you in the next chapter!