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Unturned II Devlog #002

Lots more progress to share with you this week!

Once again a disclaimer upfront: All of these assets are placeholder and/or work-in-progress and nothing’s off the table to improve. Keeping that in mind please share your feedback and suggestions!

Showing rather than telling went over well in the last post, so I've prepared some more videos (this time in higher quality)!

General progress:

Worth noticing:

  • Further adjustments to the character model and skeleton.
  • Physics on clothes.
  • Layering multiple clothes in the same slot. In this case my hoodie over the white T-shirt from before.
  • Crosshair locked while freelooking
  • Aiming functionality as well as third person animations for aiming and recoil while shooting.
  • Item animations while changing stances.
  • First person bob and sway superior to 3.x.
  • Holographic sight parallax.
  • Animation while behind cover.
  • Gun fire mode switch visuals.
  • First person legs and shadows.


You can hear bullets whizzing through the air when nearby, and see the bullet trails in multiplayer unlike 3.x. When hit you flinch proportional to the damage, and a red indicator flashes the direction. On the tech side I've also completely separated the gun dependencies from the player so it'll be very easy to implement sentry guns later on (quite pleased about this) whereas in 3.x they behave differently.

Multiplayer combat is functional at the moment, but there's still a ways to go (e.g., more walking animations, respawning, spectating, ragdolls). One big aim right now is to get the inventory properly up and running and I'm excited to show you some of the improvements I have in mind there soon!

I'm also happy to have fully separated the logic and visuals of all the character components which will make a lot of things easier further down the line: