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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Postcard from Hawaii

Today I was checking my inbox when I came across this postcard from the community modding team who helped work on the Russia map!

We're trying something a bit different this time - everything in Hawaii so far has been made by Rain, Spyjack, Mooki2much and Gamez2much. I'll be involved for the last stretch making sure everything fits the artstyle, but other than that the project is being led by G2M! The plan is for the map to come out once they feel it's ready for community playtesting, and they'll be able to release updates/refinements based on feedback. Their team has put together some screenshots and teasers of what they're working on:


Aloha, Rain here!
Greetings from Hawaii! I'm excited to announce I'm working on the vehicles for this community map release. This week I've been fine tuning an awesome little chopper with buoys. This vehicle is part of the coast guard arsenal, and will come in handy when exploring. The ability to land on water provides a big advantage when getting from location to location on an island! Keep an eye out for this little guy in coast guard locations with a helipad!



Hello Everybody!
Spyjack here, bringing you best wishes from Hawaii! I am proud to announce that I am working on this community map. So far I have been hard at work making an assortment of large sized locations, such as a new hospital, A large military destroyer, and a modular secret research facility. Many more are in the works, such as the grand civilian cruise liner I am very excited to get to show you. I can not wait to explore all of these new locations with you all, but until then, have a good one!



Aloha, Mooki2much here!
Writing to you from the beautiful sandy beaches of Hawaii. I have been working on all the trees and new foliage you will see in our tropical paradise! I have also worked on some of the new houses and buildings you will see around the Isle such as the new beach structures, as well as some new shops. I am very excited to see all the photos from your vacation with us here in Hawaii!



Hey everyone, Gamez here!
Happy to announce that we've got a whole new map in the works for all you survivors. I've spent the last few weeks shaping the landmass, diversifying the underwater experience and creating something I hope you guys will find unique and breathtaking. I'm most excited for the number of secret locations scattered around, be it on land, underground, inside of caves or under the vast seascape. I Can't wait to until the rest of you can join the vacation! Stay Unturned!


They've also posted some additional information on their blog: View