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Community Blog #028

Featuring the More Farming Mod, the speedrunning community, what's next for Buak, and other community endeavors!

What's next for Buak?

We hope everyone has been enjoying the release of the latest curated map!

Buak has received several updates since its release to rebalance existing content, as well as add new items. The latest update introduced a bunch of new base building items, but more content updates are planned for the map's future.

A small update to the map is planned to release today, adding a new lever action shotgun, along with various tweaks and fixes.

If you haven't visited Buak yet, there's a lot of resources to help get you started on your playthrough. Official guides are available for for gameplay progression and the ID list, created by the map's creator! The ID list even includes some of the most helpful items at the very top.

Mod Showcase: More Farming Mod

The thumbnail for the More Farming Mod, by Dogfood. Originally posted to the Steam Workshop.

One of Unturned's most subscribed and well-known mods is the More Farming Mod by Dogfood, and its popularity is for good reason. It is one of the most expansive and regularly-updated mods for Unturned, adding a wide variety of new content to the game. Much of its content is available on the game's official maps, with many items spawning naturally or being craftable.

Feed and harvest new animals like chicken or sheep for unique items. Grow new types of crops into foods like bananas and strawberries, or into useful resources like cotton and tree logs. Play musical instruments, decorate your base with a slew of furnishing options, fish up new creatures, and prepare ingredients from all your hard work to create new foods and drinks.

See what the mod author has to say about their mod's popularity, and it's future, below:

I am happy that this mod has been used by many Unturned players for a long time.
More Farming Mod is made with particular emphasis on the animation of food items.
In other survival craft games, the food scenes are often simplified, but Unturned is able to realistically depict these scenes with animation and sound, which is a big attraction and my favorite part of the game.

It has been some time since the release of the mod, and the amount of content has increased significantly. However, there are still many things I want to create and numerous plans I'm envisioning, so updates for the mod will continue, albeit irregularly, as I move forward.


Check out the More Farming Mod on the Steam Workshop, and its most recent update adding ice cream, iced coffee, ice makers, and more icy-cold items this month!

Unturned Speedrunning Community

There's many ways to play Unturned, but have you tried speedrunning? In a speedrun, a player attempts to complete a major objective (usually beating the game) in a video game as quickly as possible, while following certain rules depending on the type of speedrun.

Unturned has its own speedrunning community, with runs posted to the leaderboard on The leaderboard has speedrun categories for completing major quests (e.g., acquiring the Shadowstalker Mk. II), finishing the tutorial, and other miscellaneous goals.

The community has created a speedrunning Discord server with tutorials for setting up and starting a speedrun, how to record a speedrun video, adding accurate timers, and other useful information in English, French, and Spanish. It's a great opportunity to get into speedrunning, even if you're new!

To keep things interesting, they are planning on hosting regular competitions for the different speedrunning categories, with prizes for the best speedrun submissions. One of their first events started today, and continues throughout the rest of this month!

Be sure to check out their Discord server for more information about speedrunning, to learn about competitions and any other events, and more!

Increase Gaming

Increase Gaming is a new gaming blog by two longtime fans and players of Unturned. They have a variety of tutorials, recommendations, and first impressions for gaming content. They even had guides for the latest Unturned map available on day 1.

If you're looking for more blog content like Unturned guides or something else – or just want to support the longtime players at Increase Gaming – give them a visit!

r/place Canvas

This year, the r/place event on Reddit began a bit later than usual. But that didn't stop Unturned players from leaving their mark on the canvas!

Unturned-related pieces on r/place, and surrounding artwork by other communities. The Unturned zombie face (top); a tribute to Megamind REAL (middle); an alliance banner between the Germany and Unturned r/place communities (bottom).

There were multiple attempts to add Unturned onto the canvas during r/place. By the end, there were a few prominent Unturned-related pieces on the canvas due to the efforts of diligent community members and other helpful individuals.

Answering Your Questions…

Q: Are there major updates planned for Buak?
"Yes! One plan is to also expand cooking, but in the long run there's plans to keep the map up-to-date with any major updates to the game so it properly supports some of that stuff. For general support and maintenance, I plan to support it for many years."—Toothy Deerryte

Q: Are there going to be more guns on Buak?
"Probably not too many, though there are a few planned ones that will get added if some hardcoded things with ammo change!"—Toothy Deerryte

Q: How can I stop players from building in an area of my map?
You could either (a) add a Safezone volume with "No Buildables" toggled, which causes a "Too Near To Safezone" message to appear when building; or (b) add a Player Clip volume with the "Block Player" toggle disabled, causing an "Out Of Bounds" message when building. Too many of these can feel very restricting to players – so be mindful how you use them!

Q: Who made Buak's music?
"The musicians behind the music are staswalle, and Paulfest. Though the NPC Owen handles his own keytar songs."—Toothy Deerryte

Q: What is the human-headed deer? Is it a skin-walker?
"Maybe, but who will believe you?"—Toothy Deerryte

Q: I purchased something from the Stockpile but it didn't immediately appear in my inventory!
If this happens to you with a recently-purchased skin, your in-game inventory likely hasn't refreshed yet. You can manually force a refresh by clicking the "refresh" button (rotating arrows) from your inventory screen. See our support site for more information.

Send Us Your Questions!

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