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Community Blog #017

Tokyo Game Show 2021, Unturned: Paper Edition fan project, mod showcases, and more!

Tokyo Game Show 2021

The Tokyo Game Show, commonly shortened to TGS, happens annually each September. This year, we made a brief appearance to discuss and showcase the upcoming Elver DLC (and next-gen upgrades) coming to Unturned on consoles.

Mod Showcase: Vehicles ++

JPepe's Vehicles ++ mod takes all your beloved vanilla Unturned vehicles, and gives them an overhaul both visually and mechanically. The remastered vehicles use a custom vehicle physics profile to make them more controllable compared to the flighty vanilla physics. They have new, higher-poly models, damage states, animated trunks and dashboards, and more. Lastly, these vehicles will spawn naturally on official maps, in place of the normal vanilla spawns. Any map that also uses vanilla spawn tables will see these vehicles spawn naturally as well.

Vehicles ++, by JPepe.

However, Vehicles ++ does not just aim to be a higher-poly recreation of the vanilla Unturned vehicles. The mod maker also aims for more variety, and wishes to add more variants per vehicle type.

Unturned: Paper Edition

Unturned: Paper Edition is a fan-driven project that was first started by Lyeont in 2016. The project began as a small hobby with the original paper figures being made by hand, but has since then been supported by various other community members and content creators.

Display shelf with paper Unturned figures. Shelf labels read "Unturned Paper Edition Since 2016" and "U:PE".
Collection of various Unturned: Paper Edition figures on a display shelf. Photo by Lyeont.

They have various additions coming to the project this year, including Halloween models and canned beans. You can follow the fan project from their Twitter handle @UnturnedPE. Also, be sure to visit their website for the project files if you wish to create your own figures!


Q. How do I delete the Graduation Cap from my inventory?
You can permanently delete any item from your inventory from in-game. Launch the game, and then navigate to your Steam Economy inventory from the main menu screen. Select the item you wish to delete, click the "Delete" button, and finally confirm that you wish to permanently delete the item from your inventory.

Q. How to download mods on PC?
For any game that has Steam Workshop integration, you can then download mods can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop.

Q. How do I disable the profanity filter?
The Steam-sourced profanity filter can be toggled from the Options menu, with the "Censor Text Profanity" setting. Alternatively, you can enable the naïve filter with the "-NoSteamTextFiltering" command-line flag. This filter uses the Curse_Words.txt localization file instead.

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