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Community Blog #003

Unity 2018.4 compatible mods, creator spotlights, responses to AMA questions, and more!

BakeNation Community Event

BakeNation, owned by Hold Baker, will be hosting a community-ran Horde Mode event for Unturned II in a bit over a month from today.

Sign up and view more information via the corresponding SDG Forum post.

On January 5, 2020, BakeNation will officially begin its Horde Mode Event competition on the Horde Chapel map. With an objective to be the first of the potential sixty-four players to reach $20,000 without dying, three skillful (or lucky) contestants will win a $25 USD Steam gift card.

YouTuber Spotlight - Trident Games

Trident Games is a small content creator with a focus primarily on Unturned. Featured below is one of his more recent gun sync videos. Gun sync videos are music videos in which the sounds of guns from a game are synced to the beat of music.

Some people may remember that gun sync videos were quite popular in the past, and there are even some other Unturned content creators that have created gun syncs!

A gun sync of Selena Gomez & Marshmello's "Wolves", by Trident Games.

In addition to gun sync videos, Trident Games also posts other content such as video-form suggestions for Unturned II.

Streamer Spotlight - CalmCoolSavage

Ever watch an Unturned gameplay livestream? CalmCoolSavage is one of several regular Twitch streamers with a focus on Unturned, and will often play with those in his stream chat.

A brief clip of one his streams can be viewed here.

CalmCoolSavage can be found streaming several times each week, with his longest streams usually occurring near the weekend.

In addition to Unturned, he streams other games such as Minecraft and occasionally even non-gaming activities.

Unity 2018.4 Mods

Unturned has been running on Unity 2018.4 for nearly a month now, and although Unity 2017 mods are compatible with the latest version, some users have created mods specifically for Unity 2018.4.

Modding Documentation

Documentation continues to be updated and worked on, especially for new or upcoming features such as how you can make your NPC Vendors use items instead of experience as currency.

P.Riso's Hot Stuff is accepting the use of items as currency.

If you've been wanting to make a ball of snow worth hundreds of toonies, you'll be able to do so soon.

You can find all of the official documentation for Unturned on GitHub under the U3-Docs repository. This includes setting mod hooks, the full list of level configuration settings for maps, setting up a full-body character mesh replacement, and more.

Featured Mods

Looking for a cool vehicle that fits in with the rest of the game? How about a set of currency to go with your new NPCs? Perhaps you want to ride on a horse, or maybe you just want a bunch of your favorite guns.

Colorado is a survival map created by August, and uses assets from the newly-curated California map. Just like California, this map aims to be an aesthetically-beautiful map.

9-12-04 is an adventure/puzzle map created by pondfisher/Crounge with assistance from Pork, NuclearPotato, and Craven. It describes itself as a "linear, story-based experience in Unturned".

Getting in Touch / Ask us Questions

Want to share something cool? Do you have questions for us? Feedback for Community Blog? Reach out to me via Twitter @MoltonMontro, via my email, or through the SDG Forum.

Here are some questions that have been sent our way since last time:

Q: Are we going to get Unturned II's map editor on day one? What improvements will be made to it compared to Unturned's map editor?

A: The map editor has to be distributed through the Epic Games launcher and cannot be publicly available until the game itself is publicly released. In Unturned, features are split up between the normal Editor and the advanced Devkit, but in Unturned II these are all consolidated into the same tool.

Q: What's the best way for SDG to see feedback on Unturned II?

A: The best way to submit feedback is through the various forum channels (e.g., the SDG Forum, r/unturned, Unturned Official Discord server). In the future, you will be able to submit bug reports specifically from in-game directly.

Q: I don't own the Experienced Beret. Is there any other way I can gain access to the Unturned II beta?

A: The current method of distributing game access to Unturned II is through the "Invitation" access pass, which is distributed to players based on their playtime (hour count). This playtime requirement was recently lowered to 1,750 hours.

Q: What programming language will Unturned II mods need to be in?

A: You can code in C++, but Visual Blueprint Scripting is also supported.

Q: Does pineapple go on pizza?

A: I, Tyler "MoltonMontro", would rather eat a variety of other things first.

A: I, Nelson, think pineapples on pizza is fine.