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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #001

This is the community blog! The community blog intends to explore every facet of the community, and share the amazing things that you guys have done with the game.


We don’t care when or how it was made, we just want to show some of the community’s cool stuff to the rest of you cool people. All of the original content is linked back to through either text or by clicking on some of the images.

The community blog will not be taking away from anything, just adding on! While it’ll primarily focus on showing the going-ons in the community, sometimes it will feature community events or link back to recent interviews and such too.

Community blog posts are planned to at least come out monthly, on Fridays, and help fill the gap between “mainline” blog posts (like the Unturned II Devlog).

Summer MapJam – Almost at the End

The second MapJam is in its final stretch! The qualifying map submissions have been handed off to the judges for the final time, and contestants are awaiting the results.

An Unturned MapJam logo that is summer-themed
Mapjam August 2019's summer-themed logo.

The lucky winners will receive a trophy skin for a weapon of their choice. Interested? Click here to learn more!

Four unique styles, Four great artworks

Everyone has their own preferred style and technique, and their own ways of expressing their own creativity. Below we have four different styles, with four different techniques.

Not everything will be to your taste, but all the effort they've all put into their work is commendable.

I particularly like Youkushuijing's work, although I'm biased towards anything with a scarf. If you like any of their Unturned stuff, I recommend looking at what other games they've created artwork for too!

Creator Spotlight – Rice Chef

Rice Chef used to make videos, until he didn't. Now he's back, and he's recently reuploaded some of his older content too!

How To Fortify Your Homestead, a short comedy sketch by Rice Chef.

Mods, mods, mods!

There's mods for every kind of person—from makeshift handguns and craftable shorts, to French tanks and more bridge map objects, there's something for everyone out there.

All of the mods featured above also really focus on reproducing Unturned's artstyle too, if that's your thing.

Interview of Nelson

Fellow community member SomebodyOnEarth hosted an interview with Nelson Sexton a few weeks ago.

SomebodyOnEarth's interview of Nelson Sexton (President of Smartly Dressed Games).

Curated Map – Dango

Daniel "Danaby2" has been working on Dango—the next curated map for Unturned. You may recognize that Danaby, as he also created popular arena maps like Canyon Arena.

Update's trailer, featuring the Dango map.

Dango is not a traditional arena map. Instead, Danaby has created a custom gamemode called "Deathmatch". It feels similar to arena – but instead of players being sent back into a lobby upon death, they'll instead get to just respawn and hop straight back in to the fun.

Dango released today, with update Enjoying the map? Visit the Stockpile to support the creators!

Getting in touch

Looking to share something cool you made, or something you saw that looked cool? You can submit your own opinions on stuff you'd like to see featured directly! Reach out via Twitter @MoltonMontro, through the SDG Forum, or with my email

Sneaky edit by Nelson: thanks to Molt for writing up this community blog, and for refining the blog's stylesheet. Look at those nice image links!