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Art Contest

Ready, set, draw! Join the Unturned Official Discord, as they host a contest to showcase some of the most creative artists in our community.

Text reads "Unturned Official Discord" along the top, and "Art Contest" at the bottom. In the middle, an image of an exclusive cosmetic—the reward—is shown.
Shiny Art Contest Sweater

And to those who submit artworks of extraordinary excellence, they shall receive a special in-game item as a reward!


Welcome to the Art Contest, hosted by our community-elected Unturned Official Discord staff team, and officially supported by us at SDG!

Join the Unturned Official Discord server!

If you aren't a part of the Unturned Official Discord community already and want to participate, you'll have to join the Discord server. And after the event ends, maybe you'll stick around!

Users will have one week and four days to participate. Judging will occur after the submission deadline, and take place over a minimum of three days. After the judging period: winners will be announced, the special in-game item will be distributed, and winning artworks may be showcased publicly (such as through the Discord, or through the SDG Blog) in celebration of the entrant.

  • Submissions open: May 18, 2020 @ 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Submissions close: May 29, 2020 @ 7:59 p.m. Eastern Time

Participants will be able to submit a single submission, but you can update the submission for as long as submissions are still open.


Each participant only gets to submit one piece of artwork. The Unturned Official Discord staff team decided that the following would be considered "artwork" for the event:

  • Animations
  • Artwork (paintings, digital, crafts, etc.)
  • Renders
  • Screenshots

The idea is to be creative, unique, abstract, or otherwise amazing! You are encouraged to use editing software to enhance your submission, if that is something you wish to do.


In order to make your submission, you must be able to DM the event bot (LifeRaft Jerry#6464). This may require you to temporarily tweak your DM settings.

e.submit allows for submitting your submission, and provides helpful information about the event (such as commands). You can withdraw from the event and remove your submission with e.withdraw, and you can view your current submission with e.submission.

File Types

Your submission must be of an accepted file format, and not surpass the format's size limit. Image formats are limited to 8 Mb, and video formats are limited to 1:30 (90 seconds).

  • Image formats: JPEG/JPG, PNG, WEBP
  • Video formats: GIF, MOV, MP4, WEBM


All entrants and their submission must follow the contest rules.

  1. Although none of the artwork has to be created in-game, your submission must be Unturned-themed.
  1. There is only one submission per entrant. If there are multiple submissions, the last submission you make will be the only submission considered.
  1. All content must be your own original content. If you wish to use or reference third-party Workshop content, you do not need explicit permission from the creator (submissions to the Workshop automatically grants permission to use the item). However, you should link to the Workshop content.
  1. Adheres to guidelines for acceptable file formats.

Banned Content

Your submission must not be directly threatening someone's physical or financial state; intend to shame or degrade another individual; be sexually explicit; violate another person's contractual, personal, intellectual property or other rights, or be in any way illegal.

The submission of banned content will at a minimum result in an immediate disqualification, and administrative action by the staff team.