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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Useful Software

These are several applications I'd highly recommend you check out. I'm not sponsored or affiliated in any way with any of them - I just find them useful and you might too. I'll update this post in the future as I come across other helpful tools.


I originally saw it in a tweet from @kinifi and decided to give it a try. 1Password stores whatever information you like and keeps it securely synced between your computer and other devices. It also comes with a random password generator, so I quickly converted all of my accounts to unique long passwords and eventually input the rest of my important information as well. Personally I use their Android app with which I have no complaints.



Private Internet Access

Over the course of several months I trialed quite a few VPN services but none of them were very good. @xmelikebigboomx suggested PIA and within a day I purchased the 1 year plan. Their Android app also works nicely. The speed is high enough that sometimes I'll forget I have it running.



AWS CodeCommit

When looking for cloud storage for my git repos I'd liked GitHub and BitBucket but hit storage limits with all Unturned's binary files like images and meshes. CodeCommit has practically no limit and while it lacks the social features of other hosts it handles the hosting itself very well.