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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Unturned II Devlog #040 update mostly fixing stuff from the previous update.

Left Handed Mode

While it may not have a gameplay impact, I do want to support left handed characters to make left handed players more comfortable. It impacts a lot of systems and is good to tackle early on. You can now use the "/MirrorHandedness" command to switch the character between left and right handed mode.

It uses much the same approach as in Unturned by flipping the entire character. Last night Molt realized this does not work at all for vehicles, so we might need to take the trickier approach of actually mirroring the animations instead for the next update. At least that will resolve the oddities of flipped text and models.

One Handed Keybinds

Dishonored is one of my favorite games, and unfortunately I defaulted to the confusing right click uses left weapon, left click uses right weapon from that game. Now the left and right attack can be bound separately from two handed weapons for more control.



  • Separate keybindings for left/right weapon usage.
  • Interactions for placing items in left/right hand.
  • Dequip interaction for held items.
  • Tests for exchanging one-handed and two-handed weapons with each other.
  • Gamepad bindings for spectator mode and respawning.
  • Support for left-handed characters, and /mirrorhandedness command.


  • Prioritize empty hand when equipping one-handed items.
  • Drone weapon can be looted from storage on death.
  • Log player permission when synchronized.
  • Data validation that default attached item is compatible.


  • Drone AI speaking after death.
  • Blending arm animations when two-handed weapon is in the secondary slot.
  • Permissions get re-cached when roles or permissions change.
  • Permissions were being initialized before Steam ID was properly set.
  • Exchanging two-handed weapon for both one-handed weapons no longer deletes the two-handed weapon.


There are some tasks that need taking care of in Unturned for an update next week or the week after, and then back to Unturned II.