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Unturned II Devlog #028

Pace, stance, and miscellaneous other features.

Pace & Stance

Note that the arms do not have much animation because in the future they will typically be using a fists weapon with punching combat.

Looking back at the older builds of 4.0 I'm really glad to have restarted the newer character model and rig. For comparison here is the disturbingly ill-proportioned denizen from about 1.5 years ago:

It is a shame we don't have those props in the current maps though...

What's Next

For the coming two or three weeks I'm planning to work on catching up with the backlog of 3.0 feature requests e.g. NPC trading for items, and bug fixes: View Tracker Here

After that will be renewed focus on the 4.0 roadmap heading into December and 2020. Particularly melee weapons for fists and items are a priority, and the tasks under Next / QoL: View Roadmap Here


Along with the usual bug fixes, several nefarious multiplayer issues were resolved. In particular were replicated vehicle bugs, and a weapon dependency problem that took ages to sort out.

Audio settings for master volume and unfocused background volume were added. It should be easy to add more in the future for cases like music.

Screenshots with RTX enabled were posted. Due to prior work on splitscreen it was fairly straightforward to get third-person reflections working from first-person. The live version does not have this setup, but it will come as an option in one of the next few updates. View Here

Editor Status

Developing a pipeline for the mod editor took longer than anticipated. Now there are a lot of tools in place for it, and Blastlane + Horde have been fully moved into their own mods. Everything is properly using the built-in version numbers as well now rather than my tacked-on stuff.

Currently the automated steps are:

  1. Build 64-bit windows development editor
  2. Gather redistributable files according to a huge combination of whitelists and blacklists, both to cut down on unnecessary size and to ensure only allowed files are included.
  3. Sign binaries.
  4. Cook derived data for faster startup. This must be done after the copy so that blacklisted files do not trigger a rebuild.
  5. Perform gather again to remove generated files like logs.
  6. Validate separately to double-check no unexpected files snuck in.
  7. Zip up compressed copy. (only 1.5GB!)