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Unturned II Devlog #016

Rev rev revision II

Next up on my to-do list looks like:

  • Animated ignition for turning on/off engine, and animated control stickies for the headlights/signals/future windshield wipers (use in heavy rain storms).
  • Season transitions between the snowy, autumn, summer/spring climate and some cleanup for the summer/environment assets.
  • Breaking the car windows (hadn't decided on how I wanted to approach that in time for the video), and likely when crashing.
  • Engine changes required for runtime sub-anim-instance swapout (planning ahead for bicycles and such), and then fixing up some remaining issues in mirroring the animations for the passengers.
  • Horn beeping and an animation for that.
  • Breaking the car tires, preparing for future ability to swap out tires (e.g. winter ones), and visible snow buildup in grooves.

Here's a cool screenshot from the other day showing a dual-handed item, however it wasn't quite ready to include for the video yet.

I'm looking forward to reading your feedback! Lots of little changes in this video from comments too, e.g. when you turn the tires in-place it's now audible.