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Unturned II Devlog #003

Quite a bit of progress behind the scenes, and a few works in progress to share!

Once again a disclaimer upfront: All of these assets are placeholder and/or work-in-progress and nothing’s off the table to improve. Keeping that in mind please share your feedback and suggestions!

Unlike the previous posts' concentration on gun mechanics my attention has been all over the place between Unturned 3.x updates, NPC controllers, gamepad support, artstyle experimentation and more. There are still a few miscellaneous neat things to show off today, however:

Foliage Audio

You'll now have to be more cautious when moving through grass and bushes: they can draw a fair bit of attention.

Spawn Tools

This one's more so for the map editors/modders out there, but I think you'll be excited to see that I've unified the spawn tools from 3.x so they're much more user friendly:

Gamepad Support

There's aways to go yet, but basic controller support is working nicely. I've seen a lot of requests for this, and it will make playing together in splitscreen co-op easy.

Worth noticing:

  • Tactical laser sticks to your crosshairs when the gun is pointed forwards, but also follows where the gun is actually pointed when it drifts away.
  • Every attachment can now have attach/detach/replace animations (currently used for magazines) and the model changes when you grab the new item from your bag. This also means you'll no longer reload the air when removing a magazine from a gun!
  • There's very slight aim assist for controllers, but don't worry: anyone on a mouse/keyboard will still have the advantage.

Weather Surfaces

As part of the deeper survival elements in Unturned II I'd like to have gameplay vary with the seasons, and different degrees of weather in each season rather than some maps being snowy and some not in 3.x. Keeping this in mind I'm planning for the dynamic weather from the get-go so we can have effects like snow buildup and the water dripping down the surface. Note that while I would like to have more texture detail for natural objects in 4 I'm not sure I'll go as far as you see on these rocks.

Holiday Plans

I'll be heading back to Calgary for the holiday so any update posts seem unlikely. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas if you celebrate it, and a happy New Years!