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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Pixel Graphics Experiment Part I

On the weekends I like to try out little hobby projects. Usually to learn something new. This weekend I was curious to check out the Unity "Scriptable Render Pipeline" with the goal of "pixel art" style 3D.

Garden path with grass and colored shapes:

The SRP is used here to render a custom buffer for per-pixel bitflags (e.g. whether to outline) and unique object ids. Then a deferred-rendering-esque pass composites the buffers ensuring the outlines are 1px thick.

Next I think it would be interesting to work on:

  • Dithered shadows and/or cel shading for deferred lighting.
  • Bloom and ambient occlusion matching the art style.
  • Concept of foreground / background priority so that grass in front of the blue cube does not have a blue outline.