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One year later

This post isn't about Unturned (II, 3, or 4.0). This post is focused on my mental health, and the follow-up to my Unturned II Development Paused post from a bit over a year ago.

I've tried a few different therapists in the interim, but finding the right match has proven challenging. I'd hoped by now that I'd feel comfortable sharing more for the sake of mental health awareness, however I don't think I'm in a good or stable enough place yet.

Last year I went "no contact" with both my parents. This was very painful and difficult. From therapy and what I've read it's been the right choice though.

In August last year my Grandma passed away, and May this year my Grandpa passed away. Of my grandparents, they are the ones I was relatively close with.

I feel like I still haven't processed any of these things, on top of everything else I haven't processed yet. My world's feeling a lot smaller, and lots of stress.

Sometimes it's hard to keep going, but I think working on Unturned helps as something to focus on. There's always something to upgrade or improve, and it's a well-established routine after so many years now.

I've taken a bit of a less-responsive break this week. Working on the game itself is straightforward, but social interaction is tough. For the most part the game is in a better position now to not rely on me as much thanks to the hard work of the community team members and MoltonMontro, the new help center, and the new documentation site.

I appreciate that everyone was accepting of Unturned II's development being put on hold last year. I'm lucky to have such a supportive positive community, and some close supports IRL, especially my wife:

I haven't written much before about my wife because historically I've been private with my personal life. She has been steadfastly supporting me through all of this. I don't think I could do it without her. We met in 8th grade when we were 13. Within a year we were best friends, and September 2021 we got married after dating since January 2017.