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It's pronounced "Boo-Ack"!

Unturned Events Community: Duo Arena-Style Event on Buak

Hello, competitors!

The Unturned Events community is hosting a PvP event on the new Buak map! Participate for a chance to win exclusive trophy skins for you and a friend.

This is a free-to-enter PvP tournament being hosted by the Unturned Events community, taking place on July 15. Sign-ups are currently still open, but there's not much time left before they close. The event has qualification-style matches of 30 players each, with each match being an arena-style battle where the border closes over a 1-hour period. There are separate North American and European matches to give most players a chance to play.

The event will be streamed live on Twitch, on July 15.

What is the Unturned Events community?

Want a place to show off your skills and expertise in Unturned? The Unturned Events community runs organized survival and PvP events, and we've partnered with them a couple times to provide exclusive trophy skins for event winners! Check out what the event host has the say below:

Check out our community where we run organized survival and PVP events, often for special prizes! We have some great solo experiences, along with many events where you can play with your friends. All of our events are organized through our Discord community! Please check out the community trailer above for more details!