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Community Blog #027 – Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride

June is Pride Month, and it's a great opportunity to celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride and some community-made content. Let's celebrate Pride Month together – learn about the in-game celebrations for pride, along with showcasing some of the amazing work of community members.

In-game Celebrations

Progress Pride flags are flown on the Liberator, next to the Coalition flags.

We believe it's important to promote acceptance and equality. If you'd like to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community, you can craft a free Progress Pride Flag jersey or pin from the main menu → cosmetics/skins inventory → crafting menu.

Progress Pride Jersey (left) and Progress Pride Pin (right) cosmetics.

Additionally, we are proud to made a donation to The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth. You can learn more about The Trevor Project from their official website.

Artwork Showcase: 3D Renders by Diddlyono

Community member Diddlyono has created a number of impressive 3D renders, along with mods and other cool things, for Unturned. You may already recognize some of their renders, as they've created several for cosmetics on the Steam Workshop!

They've written a small blurb below, about how they got into creating 3D renders for Unturned in particular.

I started out making a few small mods for Unturned, really just throwing out whatever idea that came to me, before I realised that not many people experimented with making 3D renders for the game, or their creations.

So I started doing exactly that. A few of my early mods had a couple (albeit, not as good quality) renders on their pages before I moved onto helping out some friends with their curated bundles, most of which have been accepted in-game. The game's simple yet nice art style is quite easy to match, so I find Unturned to be a fun game to create any sort of content for.

I absolutely want to experiment more with what I can do for this game, and I have a lot of ideas I would like to show off sometime.


Screenshot Showcase

Some players in the Unturned community have already started celebrating pride within their own projects as well, such as with their upcoming maps or servers.

Answering Your Questions…

Q. Is there a roadmap?
Yes – Unturned still has a publicly viewable roadmap. It doesn't contain everything we'd like to do, but it does get updated periodically, and sometimes we finish implementing something on the roadmap. For example, with the latest update we added accurate range/distance markers to scopes.

Q. Something on the modding documentation is outdated!
That's no good! If you see something that's outdated, let us know. The best way would be to create a GitHub issue for whatever you believe is outdated, unhelpful, etc.; and how you'd like to see it improved upon! Alternatively, you could submit a pull request that includes changes to the documentation.

Q. Why did last update take so long to come out?
The "biggest" part of last update was the multi-threaded asset loading, which has greatly improved loading times for many players. You can find a bit more information about this towards the bottom of the patch notes.

Q: Can I make a second server with the Unturned Dedicated Server app? If yes, how?
You can create a second (or third, fourth, etc.) server using the Unturned Dedicated Server tool. Create another .bat file to be used for launching your second server. You can't have two servers on the same machine running on the same ports, so you'll want to forward a different set of ports, and add the "port" command to your second server's Commands.dat file.

Q. Help! Why do I see weird nicknames like "BOT Nelson" and "Nelson.exe"?
You've accidentally enabled "Streamer Mode" from the Options menu. You can fix your issue by navigating to the Options menu, and toggling this setting off.

Send Us Your Questions!

Have questions about our games or SDG? You can reach me through my Twitter handle @MoltonMontro or via email. We also check our various official community forums.

Together – we can help spread love, acceptance, and equality. Happy Pride Month!