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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #025

Hey, players! I hope you're all enjoying the return of winter festivities to official maps, and the release of the curated A6 Polaris map.

This is just a nice, short community post to round off the year. Read on to take part in mythical cosmetic giveaways, listen to Nelson's guest appearance on "The Unturned Podcast", and more!

Mythical Holiday Sweater Giveaways

Brrr, it’s getting cold outside...

Fortunately, we’re currently hosting two holly, jolly Festive giveaways! Participating in these giveaways is super simple, so be sure to enter them for a random chance to win a Mythical Holiday Spirit Holiday Sweater.

  1. Join our official forums, follow all of the giveaway instructions, and enter for a random chance to win. Be sure to check back at the end of December to see if you've won!
  2. Join our Discord server, and react to the giveaway bot's message in order to enter for another random chance to win!

Guest Appearance on The Unturned Podcast

Nelson recently made a three-hour-long guest appearance on The Unturned Podcast, discussing a variety of Unturned topics from its roots to its future.

Aptly named, The Unturned Podcast is a community podcast all about Unturned. It is hosted by cucuycharles, staswalle, Trident Games, and Diddlyono. They've uploaded an episode each week this year, often featuring community members as guests. Many content creators, map makers, animators, server networks, and others (including myself) have made an appearance on this podcast.

Artwork Showcase: Train-wreck Campsite

Unturned: Train-wreck Campsite, by Zip Zinger! Originally posted to the Steam Community Hub.

Zip Zinger! wrote that they "created this with the Unturned editor, and added on animation and particles from Wallpaper Engine." They go on to provide a link to the Steam Workshop upload for using it with Wallpaper Engine.

A Wintry Mod Showcase

Answering Your Questions

Q: Is there an ID list for A6 Polaris?
There's a Steam Guide uploaded by danaby2 that contains an ID list for A6 Polaris.

Q: Do either of the new A6 Polaris achievements give a reward?
The newly-added achievement tied to the Expedition questline on A6 Polaris has a special reward for those who make it to the end.

Q: How do I make my map's caves dark just like the metro on the Russia map?
You can use Ambiance volumes to manipulate the lighting, fog, and other atmospheric traits of an area.

Q: How can I toggle the visibility of volumes in the map editor?
You can toggle the visibility of individual volumes from the Volumes tab, with the buttons positioned to the left of the list of volume types. Individually set them to Solid, Wireframe, or Hidden.

Q: How can I get free cosmetic drops?
Players can randomly receive cosmetics during special events – such as with the release of new curated maps – just by playing. There's currently twelve (12) playtime drops available that were added with A6 Polaris!

Send Us Your Questions!

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