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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #023

Welcome to December! As we approach this most festive time of year, later this month players can expect the return of snowy decorations across official maps, along with the opportunity to participate in cosmetic giveaways on some of our community platforms.

Mod Showcase: Headquarters

A survivor fends off the horde on Headquarters – a mod by clue and Renaxon. Originally posted to the Steam Workshop.

Headquarters is a newly-released mod created by clue and Renaxon. Cooperate with other players in this custom game mode in order to survive against the horde of never-ending zombies.

Unlike other, similar maps that utilize an old experimental "Horde" game mode from 2015–2016, this map is a custom game mode. It makes use of how zombies respawn on multiplayer servers in order to achieve a constant swarm of enemies.

Due to how zombie spawning works, the mod has to be played on a multiplayer server (even if it's just a LAN server with only you in it!) in order to work as intended. Be sure to check out the mod page for more information on the map, and how you can play.

Artwork Showcase

Behind Enemy Lines, by MItsuha. Originally posted on the Steam Community Hub for Unturned.

Update to the Server Hosting Rules

On October 16, 2022 we updated our server hosting rules regarding monetization to to better clarify what is (and isn't) acceptable. The clarification is as follows:

October 16, 2022 clarification: Selling access to vanilla cosmetics, such as those available from the Stockpile or Steam Community Market, is not allowed. When offering cosmetics as a server microtransaction, the server network should should own (or have licensed) the rights to that content. Servers should not sell cosmetic content that they do not own the right to, such as vanilla cosmetics (either official, or community-contributed).

—Posted in the U3-Docs GitHub repository

There's a list of examples (and further details) available from the server hosting rules page.

Console News

Last month, a small patch arrived on console platforms. This patch contained a number of bug fixes to the game, along with the addition of now being able to reset a player's server data.

To stay up-to-date with the latest console information, consider following the official @UnturnedConsole Twitter account, and joining the 505 Games Discord server.


  • Q: How can I make it so players automatically download the map and mods used on my server?
    A: Add the Workshop IDs of the desired content to the WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file. We maintain a list of all the curated maps' Workshop IDs in our server hosting documentation, but you can find the Workshop ID of any mod in the URL of that mod's Steam Workshop page.
  • Q: Lost all of my items and skills when my friend's server crashed. What happened?
    A: The server most likely hadn't been saved via the /save command recently.
  • Q: Why did I drop my items on death when I had item drops on death disabled?
    A: There are 6 settings related to dropping items on death. Be sure to configure all 6 as you intend for them to function! If you're hosting a server and this issue occurs, then make sure you've configured the difficulty settings for the same difficulty that your server is playing on.
  • Q: Why doesn't my item spawn when using a really big ID number?
    A: IDs are an unsigned 16-bit integer, meaning that the max value an ID can be is 65535. Additionally, note that IDs from 0 to 2000 are reserved for official content.

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