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Community Blog #022

A Halloween contest in the Unturned Discord, the latest console news, Windows 32-bit deprecation, and more!

Console News

Last month, the team behind the console ports of Unturned pushed an important technical patch to the game. This patch replaced the server middleware solution responsible for matchmaking and account management (i.e., responsible for online gameplay). Although it is unfortunate, this was necessary as the previous middleware solution was no longer going to be supported.

Along with this patch were some localization improvements, and a number of bug-fixes to issues that have been reported through 505 Games Support tickets. The console team continues to be hard at work on the the console port's future. You can follow @UnturnedConsole on Twitter for future announcements.

Discord Halloween Contest

The Unturned Discord server is in the middle of hosting a contest to decide the server's Halloween-themed server icon! Join the server, make an icon, and submit it in the #halloween-contest channel. Server members can also react to the icons to this channel. The most-liked icon wins the contest!

The ideal size is a square image of 512 × 512 pixels, as either a .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF. The deadline is later this week, @ October 13, 7:00 p.m. EEST!

Mod Showcase

The Tranquilizer Gun mod by Susu24CVS is a small weapon mod for Unturned, introducing a tranquilizer gun and a variety of tranquilizer darts to go along with it. Although the mod itself is rather small, it makes use of several modding features not often seen in other mods. Utilize special darts to reduce another player's status bars, or inflict them with several seconds of hallucinations. The mod also has support for official maps, and its unique items will naturally spawn at farms and campgrounds.

There are many mods available for players looking to add more vanilla-esque vehicles to the game, and the recently-released Wallace's Vehicles mod by WW_TC is no exception. Although it currently only adds one vehicle design into the game (with a few unique variants), respectable effort has put into the vehicle and its variants. For example, players can tell if a vehicle is unlocked based on whether or not its hazard lights are flashing.

Windows 32-bit Deprecation

Unturned no longer supports 32-bit Windows operating systems. For context, 32-bit Windows devices make up less than ~0.22% of all Steam users. Most players will not be affected by this change.

For those of you who may be affected by this change, you can still play older versions of Unturned. From the "Betas" Steam tab, you can opt into one of the several older versions of the game and continue playing on single-player worlds (or any server also running that version of the game).

In addition to the preexisting older branches available from the "Betas" tab, we've also introduced the "32bit-windows" branch. This branch runs the version of the game, which is the last version of the game that still had 32-bit Windows support.

Artwork Showcase


  • Q: How do I obtain the Platinum Monocle cosmetic?
    A: This item has been given to some players who had mailed the SDG P.O. box (see mailing address on the SDG website) with their SteamID.
  • Q: I'm having a hard time placing roofs after the latest updates. Why can't I place roofs?
    A: Building roofs no longer requires pillars. However, they do require either a wall beneath it, or another roof/floor adjacent to it.
  • Q: The 3-point arrow reticle is invisible on the new transform tools for structures, barricades, objects, or volumes.
    A: Make sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date. If you're still having issues, you can use the -FallbackGizmos launch option.
  • Q: How do I use the Requires_NonZero_Attachment_Caliber property for guns?
    A: Good news—we've recently added new documentation for all gun asset properties! Note that particular property this is a boolean property, not a flag. To enable it, you should set it to true. Requires_NonZero_Attachment_Caliber true
  • Q: Custom weather assets don't work unless it includes time-of-day properties. How do we create weather that doesn't include these?
    A: This requirement was unnecessary, so it's been removed as of the latest game update.

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