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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #021

A update recap, the deadline for MapJam submissions approaches, plushies have shipped out, and more!

2022 Summer MapJam

Hello, survivors! The submissions deadline for the 2022 Summer MapJam hosted by AnimaticFreak is coming up soon—just one week from today! If you like making maps, and want a chance to win a very fancy trophy skin for your hard work, then make sure you are prepared to submit your work August 27, 2022 @ 12:00 a.m. (GMT).

After the deadline, the submitted maps will be judged as-is by the MapJam judges. There will be no further time to revise your work. Update Recap

The update for Unturned on Steam brings a handful of changes to the game. This includes a much requested feature: building downwards.

Toothy Deerryte has published a video that excellently recaps the latest update, and shows off the new changes and features.

Unturned - Downward Building, Screenshots, Devkit Volumes., by DeerryteTV.

Creator Spotlight: staswalle

We've recently worked with music composer and longtime community member staswalle to release an official theme for the Washington map—"The Bridge Where it Rains".

"The Bridge, where it rains" - Washington Loading Screen Music [Unturned OST], by staswalle.

They have previously worked on other official or curated soundtracks as well, such as "Haven Across" for PEI and "The Dunerave" for Kuwait: Escaping Outlands.

"Ever since I got into music making, soundtracks intrigued me. Especially in video games. The art of translating emotions and scenes into sounds. When my friend showed me Unturned, I fell in love with the setting and atmosphere and felt inspired enough, to compose a few tracks, just for fun, out if boredom. I never thought how important these will become later on. Fast forward two years, and my dream has come true! Music was one area that Unturned hasn't really explored yet, so I'm happy to have become a trailblazer in that regard!

Even once all official maps will have their own, according music themes, my job won't be done, as more and more mappers take interest in incorporating music mechanics into their own projects. I'm looking forward to the future of the game and the community."

For some other music pieces by staswalle, consider checking out their YouTube channel.

Plushies Have Shipped!

As of last week, emails have started going out for those who have purchased the Biohazard Zombie Plush by Makeship!

Most of these are shipping notifications, so make sure your shipping address is correct! Some survivors have already received their plushie, so if yours hasn't shipped out already it is likely to ship out soon.

Aside from shipping notifications, the Steam keys for redeeming the in-game Biohazard Zombie Plush cosmetic item have also begun to go out. Not everyone has been emailed their Steam key yet. For those of you have received an email, the subject line for the email is along the lines of “Your Biohazard Zombie Plush Code is Here!”.

This might appear in your Spam inbox folder – so be sure to check!

To redeem your Steam key through the Steam app, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to Steam
  2. Click “Add a game” from your Steam Library
  3. Click “Activate a product on Steam”
  4. Enter the Steam key into the Product Code field

For more information, read the announcement on our official forums. Thank you for your continued support.


Q. Where can I appeal Discord bans?
Unturned Discord server bans can be appealed on our official forums. Create your ban appeal in the Meta Discussion section. Your appeal should include your ban reason, appeal reason, what you are appealing for (ban length reduction, unban, etc.), and your Discord ID.

Q. I tried to build in multiplayer, but it said the area was "Claimed". What does this mean?
Players can craft and place Claim Flags to "claim" an area and prevent others from building nearby. Although some placeables (e.g., demolition charges) can bypass claims and be placed anyways, most placeables cannot.

Q. Can servers have HWID bans added?
As of June 2022, the vanilla ban command will also ban player HWID.

Q. Is there a way to have description-less items? Previously, I'd just omit the "Description" field entirely but as of a recent update this doesn't work anymore.
Although I'd recommend just having an item description of some sort, you can still have a blank description if you manually fill the field in with whitespace characters. For example, Description    would result in a blank description.

Q. Is there a quick way to have description-less items, so that I don't have to manually find and update them all?
You could write a regular expression to use with a Find & Replace tool. For example, if you filter your File Explorer by only the localization within the item folder—and open all of those up in your text editor of choice (such as Notepad++) with nothing else opened—you could find ((?s)\A((?!Description).)+\z) to locate files that omitted the field, and then you could replace the omission with \1(\nDescription  ) to achieve achieve a blank item description.

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