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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #018

New year, new community post! A poll on the next Unturned plushie, the latest PS4 console update, a new official wiki, and more.

Plushie Opinion Poll

In 2021, we partnered with Makeship to release the first-ever official Unturned merch in the form of a limited-edition plushie. Now that some time has passed since that campaign, Nelson and I have been wanting to ask the community for your opinions on on future plushie designs.

We have created a poll in the Unturned Official Discord server, and will be monitoring it for a few days longer. We plan to work with Makeship again, and this poll will influence the collaborative process as we work together to release another plushie based on the ideas that are most popular.

Join the server in order to partake in the poll!

Mod Showcase: More Craftings Mod

The community-made More Craftings Mod adds a variety of quality-of-life changes or rebalancing to the vanilla crafting and progression systems. A large number of new crafting recipes for vanilla items are added with this mod.

Preview image with example recipes for More Craftings Mod.
More Craftings Mod, by spierdolinex.

Recycle complex items for the materials used to make them, such as turning a generator back into metal sheets. Alternatively, craft traditionally uncraftable items such as ammunition, gasmasks, and detonators.

New Official Wiki

We have been working on a new, official Unturned wiki for a while now, and this year alone we have contributed to 1600+ pages, and 1300+ media files. A majority of these contributions led to the creation of new articles or media files, and roughly puts the new wiki on par with the current one in terms of content coverage, while also providing many high-quality pages and templates.

The official switch to this new wiki is to be announced in a future blog post! This will coincide with a game update that tweaks things like the in-game link to the wiki.

I am super excited for when we officially make this switch to it in February of this year!



Q. What's in the latest PS4 update for Unturned?
A new patch for the PS4 version of Unturned was released on January 17. The patch notes can be found on the 505 Games Support site, or through the 505 Games Discord server.

Q. What is the ID of this item from Arid?
Renaxon (from the Arid team) has a Steam guide that contains an ID list of all items and vehicles in Arid.

Q. How do I disable the crosshair?
At this time, the crosshair is strictly a server/difficulty setting – not a player setting. By default, playing on the Hard difficulty setting will disable the crosshair. If you're playing on a single-player world, you can manually disable it with your own custom difficulty settings. Alternatively, all UI elements can be hidden with the [Home] key by default.

Q. Can I still obtain the Festive achievements added during December 2021?
The achievements added for the yearly Festive event can only be obtained while the holiday event is active. If you do not want to wait until the end of the year for the opportunity to get the achievements again, there are a few ways to force the holiday event to be active. Most notably, as of the latest game update, you can force the game to launch with a holiday event active. Add -Holiday=Christmas to the Steam launch properties of the game if you wish to forcefully enable the Festive event.

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