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Community Blog #016

Elver and next-gen is coming to Unturned on console, the Chef Zombie plushies have shipped, and more!

Unturned on Console

Hey, console players! The Elver map is coming to Unturned on console, followed by next-gen updates for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S!

With new items, progression, and more, Elver is an experience unlike any other. Explore a fictional location as you complete an extensive NPC questline, and discover the secrets that within. The Elver map will be available as downloadable content, but anyone will be able to join someone else's multiplayer Elver server even if they do not own the DLC themselves.

Stay up-to-date on the latest console news by following the @UnturnedConsole Twitter account.

Modding Showcase: Barricades Pack

Tired of all those sandbags and tanktraps? KOMBAT has recently released their "Barricades Pack" mod, featuring additional barricade types! Build high concrete walls, construct non-barbed fences, or mimic military bastions.

Barricades Pack, by KOMBAT.

Chef Zombie Plush

The Chef Zombie Plush shipped! Despite having an original shipping date of September 28, many orders were shipped in August; redeemable codes for the in-game cosmetic were emailed out to those whose plushie has already been shipped as well. If you haven't checked your email lately, be sure to do so.


Q. Is it possible to replace vanilla item spawns?
Yes. By adding the Root_#_Override property to your custom spawn asset, you can replace official content. This is particularly useful for total conversion mods! Spawn asset documentation is available from our GitHub repo.

Q. What are the IDs for curated items?
Curated maps typically have an ID list reachable somewhere on their Steam Workshop page. You should refer to the Steam Workshop page of the curated map that includes the content you are interested in spawning.

Q. Why can't I build in the city in Elver?
Many maps—particularly curated maps—disable the ability for players to build in certain locations. This is often to prevent abuse or excessive gameplay advantages, but may sometimes just be a design choice by the curated map makers.

Q. What's the difference between the Elver Stomper boss and the Groundpounder boss?
The Elver Stomper zombie boss was created specifically for use on the curated Elver map. It uses all the same attacks as the Groundpounder, although it has slightly less health. However, it takes considerably reduced damage from ranged weapons (similar to spirit zombies).

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