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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #015

Anniversary giveaway winner, base-building contest winners, and a fare-thee-well to a community veteran and administrator.

A very short and brief blogpost to recap some anniversary events from last week. For a recap of the past year, you can check out one of our previous blogposts.

Anniversary Contest Winners

From July 7 to July 9, we hosted events for chances to win special mythical hats! There was a random giveaway, and a base building contest.

Players submitted a variety of different bases! From cozy freeform huts to shelter from harsh weather, to beachside lounging to catch the sun. We had traditional honeycombed designs, bases built along the map's edge, and massive towers. Festive, colorful mansions to live within, and gigantic mega-builds that spiral into the sky.

All of the submissions can be viewed from the submissions thread. We have chosen five winners. The winning submissions are displayed below, in no particular order.

Additionally, 501st is the giveaway contest winner for the event held in our Discord server.

Farewell, Yarr

This month also marked the anniversary of Yarr joining, and eventually leading, many of the administrative teams in our community. He has been a part of the community since the beginning, and has held many active roles over the years. Now, it is time to say farewell.

On July 15, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Yarr has officially stepped down from his roles and retired from the Unturned community. He has left his administrative roles on the Steam Discussions forum, our SDG Forum, the game wikis, and the official Discord server.

It has been an honor to work alongside Yarr for as many years as I have been able to. I have no doubts when I say that he has had a profound impact on the game and all the various communities that he was involved with.

I am extremely happy for him to have stuck around for as long as he has, and I know there are many forum veterans who will be sad to see him retire. Best wishes to Yarr, and whatever he focuses his time towards next!


Q. When I use a scope and zoom in there's a black screen around the scope, but my friends can still see their whole screen when they zoom in. How do I make it work like my friends?
Adjust your Scope Quality graphical setting.

Q. Can I play older versions of Unturned?
Right-click Unturned in your Steam Library. Select "Properties…" and navigate to the Betas tab. You can select an older version of the game from this menu. The versions available are previous Unturned iterations (e.g., "2.0"), and the last versions available before a major Unity upgrade.

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