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Community Blog #014

Kuwait receives even more content, the Chef Zombie plush campaign is almost over, drive a camera-mounted drone, and more!

Player holding a shark plushie in Kuwait.
Eek! A formidable foe has been caught on Kuwait, by {}DanHead{}.

Kuwait: Content Updates

AnimaticFreak and NSTM may have launched Kuwait back in May, but it has continued to receive notable content updates.

The recent The High Seas aquatic update have repopulated and revamped the floor of the Persian Gulf. With new fish to find, kelp forests to explore, and boats to adventure upon. Alongside a plethora of bugfixes, this is perhaps the most substantial content update for Kuwait.

But perhaps you're more interested in Kuwait's other content updates, which have added new guns, the ability to enjoy Kuwait's jammin' soundtracks when away from Icarus, better land vehicle handling, and a plethora of balance overhauls to match.

So what's next? AnimaticFreak has been hinting at an overhaul for Kuwait City in the foreseeable future, alongside various map optimizations that should make for a smoother experience. If you have feedback you'd like to share about Kuwait City, I suggest reaching out!


Unturned chef zombie plushie.

Chef Zombie Plush

The limited-edition Chef Zombie plush toy only has one week left before it is gone! Thank you to all the early purchasers for your interest and support. Because of you, the funding goal of 200 orders was met within 24 hours. I am super excited for these to ship out to people!

Mod Showcase: Surveillance Cars

Control your own reconnaissance drones by standing on the deployable recon machine, and clicking on the custom interface buttons from the Gestures menu!

Surveillance Car, by prank.

There are three different types of drone, which are balanced separately and make a good proof-of-concept.


Q. What cosmetic slot will the chef zombie plush cosmetic occupy?
The Chef Zombie Plush in-game item is a vest cosmetic!

Q. What are Nelson's priorities right now?
Nelson's personal priority is to always keep himself busy. When he is not sure how he wants to proceed with one task, then he will try to stay productive on another task. As far as "specifics" go, then most recent thing we have mentioned had to deal with soft/rigid-joint characters.

Q. Will the clothing already in Unturned II need to be changed for blocky characters?
All current clothing would need some adjustment, because of the revised dimensions. But, the creation process would be similar. For example, most notably the shoes and gloves would need adjustment.

Q. Where is modding documentation?
The official modding documentation is available from the U3-Docs GitHub repo. We link to this from the in-game Workshop section. Documentation for various asset v1 content is lacking, but anything newer (e.g., custom weather) can be found on the repo. Recently, we added documentation for effect assets and command-line parameters; there will be more up-to-date documentation on older asset types in the near future.

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