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Community Blog #013

It's the end of April, but the community-made content never ends. It's the animated Tales Of The Unturned, a major console update, and Tech Expansion 2.

Creator Spotlight: Toothy Deerryte

After nine months of work, Toothy Deerryte (also known as DeerryteTV) released the second episode to their fan-made animated series titled Tales Of The Unturned. The series follows the story of a recently-drafted Joel Miller, in a now apocalyptic world.

Note that the Tales Of The Unturned animated series does feature some cartoonish blood and gore.

Tales Of The Unturned episode 2, "Don't Be A Coward"; an animated series by Toothy Deerryte.

"I had this series brewing in my head for over 8 years and has taken many failed forms throughout that time, but now with Unturned, Blender, and my friends Easy-Life, Paulfest, Demon's Eye, Dug, and many others who I all met though this amazing game, we are able to make our vision a reality and hope to entertain you all with our characters and their stories. These first 2 episodes is just us getting started!"

—Toothy Deerryte

If you enjoyed their second episode of the series, you should visit their YouTube channel to watch the first, and keep an eye out for future content!

Console Update: Groups

The latest major update brought to the console ports by FunLab and 505 Games added the groups mechanic to the game. The feature includes the same functionality as the PC version of the game.

Members of the same group can see each other on map items like the chart or GPS, and place visual markers that appear on maps and the compass display. During normal gameplay, group members can be easily identified by the text that floats above their head. Group members cannot hurt each other with friendly-fire, and share ownership over their bases, other buildables such as metal doors and item storages, and locked vehicles.

In addition to adding groups, the latest console update also fixes issues related to the earning currency for the in-game cosmetic items.

Mod Showcase: Tech Expansion 2

Community member and mod creator Tiway recently remastered one of his most popular mods – Tech Expansion. With brand new technology to build, and a streamlined progression path to reach it, Tech Expansion 2 brings more to the technological end-game.

Cover art and logo of Tech Expansion 2.
Tech Expansion 2 mod, by Tiway.

Need a guide? The mod author already has you covered with an overview and ID list.

Mine boulders for new metals and cast them into useful shapes and components, create new gear such as the Taser Baton or potent syringes, protect your base with sentry drones, and power your defenses with a dangerous deadzone-generating nuclear reactor.


Q. Why is my server not working?
Some of the most common issues tend to be that the U3DS application is not being used, or the relevant ports have not been port forwarded. Port forwarding will differ on a router-to-router basis, but is a useful website, and they provide visuals that match most setups. By default, Unturned uses the ports 27015, 27016, and 27017. All three of these ports need to be forwarded.

Q. What is the U3DS app?
The "Unturned - Dedicated Server" app (abbreviated to U3DS) is the official application players use to run servers for Unturned. Players can download the app through SteamCMD via the app ID 1110390, or it can be downloaded into your Steam Library and then setup directly from the downloaded files. If you plan to host multiple servers, you should download the app through SteamCMD instead. Once you download the app, direct yourself to the where the app files were downloaded to and you can begin setting up your server. Note that simply launching the app will not start a server, and prospective server hosts should refer to the complete official documentation regarding how to customize their server.

Q. There's a bug where pancakes restore my stamina?
This is not a bug – a lot of consumables actually restore stamina or health, in addition to food and water! For example: players can eat Canned Bacon to restore health, or drink a Bottled Energy to quickly restore stamina. Pizza restores some health, food, and stamina all at the same time!

Q. How do I kill the flaming zombies?
Burner zombies combust and explode when killed, and can convert other normal zombies nearby to Burners as well. Using ranged weapons, such as bows or a suppressed firearm, is much safer and more effective than being close with a melee weapon. If you do get close, you may want to wear a set of firefighter clothing so that you are immune to the explosion effect.

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