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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #012

Whether you're shooting missiles across Hawaii or chucking turtles at your enemies, we showcase some of the best ideas the Unturned community has to offer! From art, to artillery, to Terry, to questions, we have it all.

Mod Showcase

A community-made mod for every kind of perfectly reasonable folk. Call in a recon aircraft that marks your enemies with yellow smoke, and then face your enemies head-on with your favorite tortoise turtle and a lifetime supply of glue.

Reddit Post: Sagaie Cannon

Don't mess with u/jas1284 – they'll shoot missiles across Hawaii just to wreck your car.

Sagaie Cannon from r/unturned

Art Showcase

Take a look at some community-made art, based on the game.


Q. Can you show me how to host an Unturned server?
We keep official documentation on our U3-Docs repo, which is linked to from in-game. We also have a video tutorial. This is a bit of an unpolished video, but in it Nelson demonstrates how to install the U3DS app through SteamCMD. However, note that the video does not cover how to port forward, which varies slightly per router.

Q. Are the console ports still being updated?
So for those unaware, Unturned is available on consoles as ported and published by FunLabs and 505 Games. They are still updating the game, and we want the ports to have a healthy lifespan.

Q. When is 505/FunLabs releasing the next console update?
I cannot give an ETA. But, the next "proper" update would be implementing the groups feature already available to desktop players.

Q. Why are you updating the networking?
Unturned is fun, but it'd be more fun if players "lagged" less. There's a lot of polish and planned rewrites to the game that should be followed up on, to make it a more fun and succinct experience for both new and veteran players. The decision to improve networking falls under that idea.

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