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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #010

Festive tidings, and happy holidays! A creator spotlight and more, in this very merry blog post.

Creator Spotlight: Rooslahn

This creator spotlight is dedicated to Rooslahn, and everyone else who has helped with putting together his "Left Behind" cinematic roleplay series on Unturned console edition. The first season ended earlier this month, and Rooslahn has been releasing teasers and scenes for a Season 2.

"Left Behind" scene 1 – a 2020 Christmas teaser.

He has "always loved video games, [and loves] to entertain people". There is genuine passion behind what he loves, and genuine appreciation for those that have helped him along the way. Console edition is definitely an interesting choice for the project, and to give Rooslahn credit the quality of his cinematic series has constantly improved over time.

I highly recommend watching the other, shorter teaser snippets he has released for Season 2, or watching the original episodes.

Art Showcase

Blog Redesign

At the start of this month, I elected to give a slight update to the site's design and some backend processes. While the end result is surely quite familiar, I hope that the added flair helps to better represent the minimalist theme without just being layered sheets of gray tones.


Q. What's the status of Unturned II?
See the previous "In-between the Devlogs" blog post! We'll have more for you next year. For now, check out the rest of the questions we've answered below!

Q. Will there be more tools for crafting items and repairing cars/structures, instead of just the generic blowtorch?
"Definitely. In particular I intend to add specialized placeable items for crafting. E.g., an anvil, a workbench, or a gunsmithing station."—Nelson

Q. Will clothes possibly have more of an effect on how the environment affects the player (e.g., in relation to freezing to death)? For example, holding heat much longer before starting to freeze?
"I think so. My hesitancy in Unturned 3.x with regards to heat was because players spawned naked, but in Unturned II (and nowadays in 3.x) that could/should change."—Nelson

Q. Will sicknesses ever be a thing in Unturned II? Or will we still have generic "Immunity" like from 2.x and 3.x? (E.g., food poisoning, infection from bleeding without bandaging...)
Sicknesses are a reasonable expectation. It really depends on whether there are different workable gameplay impacts of having different illnesses. I.e., if all of them end up being treatable by clicking "use" on a medical item, then there is not much purpose to having lots of them.

Q. How do I access Unturned 3.x updates early?
Many of our updates are pushed onto the public test branch before they are released onto the main branch. Right now, there are no upcoming updates available on the public test branch. You can opt into the public test branch by right-clicking the game in your Steam library, selecting "Properties...", navigating to the "Betas" tab, and selecting the preview branch.

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