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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #009

Revisiting custom artwork on SteamGridDB, now taking applications for in Discord server moderator election, some tweaks to the SDG Blog, and more!

Creator Spotlight: TheNexusGuy

TheNexusGuy is a self-proclaimed "random YouTuber", and sometimes they made cool-looking stuff in-game. While they don't seem to be an active part of the community anymore, it's still worth viewing some of neat content they've done in the past!

A speed-build of a modern house, by TheNexusGuy.

I find that it's always interesting to see what people make with the in-game tools. Whether it's as simple as base-building designs, or more complex car customizations with freeform barricades and the precision tool, or just random projects in the map editor.

It's all fairly commendable regardless.

Custom Assets in the Steam Library

Half a year ago, I spoke of SteamGridDB and how some community members had created custom assets for use in the Steam Library (e.g., custom grid art).

Since then, a lot more people have uploaded custom grid art, custom background graphics, and custom logos. You can see some of my favorites below!

You can set custom grid art for games from your Steam Library by going to the grid view, right-clicking the game's grid, selecting "Manage", and choosing "Set custom artwork". Custom backgrounds and logos can be set from a game's full page view in the Steam Library.

Discord Moderators

While our official Discord server is not news, the ongoing moderator election is! From October 1 to October 8, server members will be able to apply for candidacy in the election!

After the application submission deadline, server members will be able to vote on moderator candidates. There's a total of ten staff seats available. The current moderation team will also be re-applying during this election cycle, vying for those same staff seats.

More information is available in the Discord server.

SDG Blog

We have gone back and updated all of the older Unturned II devlogs to refer to the game as "Unturned II" rather than Unturned 4.x (notably, Devlogs #001‒9). This change won't really affect you, but it does help us reinforce the sequel's official name as Unturned II.

Aside from that, the blog post categories have been updated to use the official names of our games as well, and the site's theme has been updated with various CSS fixes and improvements.


Q: Can weapons have max range be way higher?
I'm not sure how much higher is "way higher", but this idea falls under the plan for improved ballistics.

Q: Can there be more variables for melee weapons, such as "sharp" weapons that cause bleeding and "weighty" weapons that break bones?
This is not something that is currently implemented, but damage classification (e.g., blunt, sharp, piercing) are one of the much more likely melee mechanics that will end up being implemented.

Q: Will older official maps like Washington and Germany in Unturned II?
The community will definitely do this through the Steam Workshop even if we don't officially.

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