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Community Blog #007

What is Unturned II? Also – featuring community-made tools, mods, and sites.

What is Unturned II?

We put out a lot of information about Unturned II, but it can be hard to find places where we explain exactly what it is.

Unturned II has been in development since 2017 as a sequel, a separate game with a separate download and Community Hub, to Unturned. It is not an update to the game – it is a successor.

The game is in very early development, so access is currently distributed based on playtime as a method of keeping access low until more core features are implemented. The original requirement was 2,400 hours, but it is currently 1,500 hours.

The plan is for the game to be free-to-play. For more information, I suggest reading more on the r/unturned subreddit.

Community-made Tools

Many databases have been created for Unturned over the years. However, the most recent one has been UnturnedID. The database contains every item up to Easter Island's release, and utilizes infinite scrolling.

Viewing individual items provides more context such as item stats, the description, and the spawning ID. The UnturnedID team plans to implement an interactive map, that lets users visually explore information such as loot spawns and airdrops.

Unturned Stats by Kohai.

Unturned Stats is a stat tracker tool for Unturned. You can find information such as K/D ratio, accuracy, and even fish caught! Stat information requires having a public profile.

SteamGridDB by 1 HP Games, LLC.

SteamGridDB (Steam Grid Database) makes searching for custom Steam grids, logos, and heros easy. Users can upload, share, and download custom assets that further allow personalizing your Steam Library.

Community members have already made various custom grids for Unturned, but you can create your own too! Custom library art is easily installable by right-clicking the art already in the library, and choosing to replace it.

Featured Mod: Spray Paint

Tag your territory in these apocalyptic lands, with Rorik and Pelo's Spray Paint mod!

Spray Paint is a mod created by Rorik Bourg and Pelo Janga. The mod lets you spray paint graffiti throughout the maps. The mod is ideal for roleplay-esque servers, but can be enjoyed by anyone wanting to add more immersive content to their world.

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