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Community Blog #006

New blog so soon! (Sorry – no Devlog here.)

It's only been a week, but I have a small blog for you guys. Read on about GeForceNOW, Easter Island, what's new to the Stockpile, and what's new with the blog.

GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW—Nvidia's entrance to cloud gaming—just had its beta waitlist removed. Now, memberships are available for everyone – with both a subscription service, and an entirely free way to use the cloud gaming service for any of the games you already own on other platforms. The main difference being in session length, priority, and hardware.

We're mentioning this because Unturned is one of the free-to-play games on GeForce NOW. Many Unturned players are using older hardware that wouldn't actually meet the game's system requirements, but as long as they meet the requirements for GeForce NOW they could have have access to a better experience through cloud gaming.

SDG Blog Upgrades

We're always improving the SDG Blog. Not just in how we interact and post to you guys, but also the site's design and the tools available to us.

Recently, we've done a few things as a part of improving the reading experience. We've tweaked the CSS to provide a more consistent and clean design, especially when it came to hyperlinks (previously all links have a button-design). We've also began experimenting with plugins to find new ways to present image galleries and display more information (such as when a post has been edited).

Easter Island & the Stockpile

Today, the curated Easter Island map is available for you to play on. Visit stunning beaches and resorts, explore the capital city of Hanga Roa, climb atop an ancient volcano, undertake aquatic adventures, and discover the mystery behind Easter Island.

And with a new curated map comes, of course, new skins and cosmetics. Following the Dango map by example, players can choose to purchase either all of the items together outright, or a mystery box that has a chance for mythical variants.

Just like with Dango, there are new community-made mythical effects being introduced – High Tide and Bananza. The box also includes the effects introduced with Dango, such as the Fire Dragon. If you don't know what one of the mythical effects look like, you can always check the official SDG Wiki.


Q: Will there be any benefits in Unturned II for players who have the Gold DLC for Unturned?

A: There will be some sort of benefit for Gold owners, and possibly for other veteran players (Early Access, Crimson Beret, etc.). However, there is nothing more specific to say on the topic right now.

Q: Will bans in Unturned also apply to Unturned II?

A: VAC bans will not transfer, but BattlEye bans will transfer once BattlEye is added to Unturned II.

Q: When's the next Devlog? What's in it?

A: We have a public roadmap that gives a general idea of what's being worked on for Unturned II. There's no specific date for the next Devlog, but a bulk of the major features coming with it have been vaguely referenced in the past few blog posts.

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