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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #005

Welcome to 2020! Let's look at community-made concepts, and talk about how an impactful suggestion for the game.

Community-made Unofficial Concept Art

There has always been a large amount of community-made concept art. Originally just for Unturned, but now Unturned II as well.

But regardless of what game it was originally meant for, we still appreciate it. Below, we have five pieces of community-made concept art. Two were originally made for Unturned, and the rest were made with Unturned II in mind.

The Gas Grenade and Tranquilizer, Unturned suggestions, focus on creating more unique conditions and statuses for players to deal with during combat.

Community member "dbking" reimagined the Shadowstalker Mk. II as if it was in Unturned II, and Weremea reimagines the main menu.

NarcolepticHound's concept art is one of many as a part of his suggestions for an improved base building system for Unturned II.

How to: Create an Impactful Suggestion

You guys make a lot of suggestions, so it can be easy for some of the more unique ones to fly under the radar. Let's talk about how to make your favorite suggestions stand out..

Make it accessible...

Some places just aren't that good for posting suggestions. To name a few – emails, private servers, and in voice calls to your friends.

If we can't see/hear it (e.g., private discussions), we don't know about it. And if we can see it (e.g., emails) we would want it to be in a public environment so that the general community can give their own feedback and suggestions too.

Good places are public to as many people as possible. The Unturned subreddit, the SDG Forum, etc..

share what you like...

Obviously, some people are worried that by posting their suggestions publicly we won't ever see it.

By posting publicly, you have the advantage of potentially generating positive discourse around your suggestion, and as people see your suggestion it becomes more likely to be more noticeable.

See a suggestion you like? Share it around!

...and be creative!

Have a cool idea? Then be creative with it!

While they can be informative, it's not super fun to read through walls upon walls of text. Add images! Make concept art! Throw some color in there—make it visually engaging.

Is your idea creative? Maybe you've already mentioned how it'll add to the PvP experience, but what about PvE!? Maybe you have alternative suggestions for how it could work – why just share one idea?

Curated Content Inbound

As some users have already noticed, the curated France map has begun its transition onto the Workshop. New curated content is inbound.

Teaser image for the curated map created by MelonCat, Spebby, Paladin, and Azz.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Q: How will friendly NPCs be improved for Unturned II?

A: NPCs are planned to be expanded upon so that they're more dynamic than just static quest-givers or vendors. They'll still offer dialogue, services, and quests, but they'll potentially have daily routines they'll perform or move around and follow.

Q: What kind of enemies will be in Unturned II?

A: Right now the "classic" zombie is in Unturned II, but there are future plans to potentially introduce more interestingly designed enemies. Aside from animals and the Turned, there are plans for bandits that can take cover. Enemies in general will definitely have superior pathfinding. For example, climbable windows can be tagged and zombies are able to climb through them when trying to reach the player.

Contact Us

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