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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #004

Festive tidings are upon us! It's time to revisit your questions from last month, discuss all the ways people can play the game, and more.

Christmas in July – Deathmatch

"Deep in a village far away, Santa's elves frolic and play. A celebration of Summer breaks an ancient spell. This once jolly village is now but a frozen hell! Ho ho ho, on vacation Santa goes, what the elves will do next, nobody knows." — Map Description

Christmas in July was originally developed for the Summer Mapjam competition. Since then, Azz, Froggo, and Spebby have re-released the map with changes for a special 2019 Winter Update!

Many locations have been revisited with this update to better improve map flow, and new items have been introduced that make use of newly-added mechanics such as guns causing hallucinations or guaranteed bleeding!

Ways to Play

One of the most praised aspects of Unturned is its sandbox-nature allowing for a variety of different ways to enjoy the game.

A survivor hunts deer in Germany.

Players can survive on large, open maps, or battle it out in various arenas. At one point in development, players could fight against endless hordes, and although no official map for the Horde mode exists, you can find some on the Steam Workshop.

Custom Game Modes

But even more interestingly is everything else.

Race against other players...

...either on the streets, on in the air. With the new changes to how vehicle physics work, modders and map-makers can tweak the physics of their vehicles in order to achieve the perfect racing experience.

Documentation can be found at

Adventure forth...

...through rogue-lite dungeons or mysterious puzzles. Cut down enemies, solve logic puzzles, and see if you can last until the end.

Tales of Terror: Fables of the Fallen has you travelling through randomly generated dungeons as one of six classes, while fighting bosses and collecting loot to upgrade your character, and ultimately trying to avoid death at the cruel hands of fate.'

Fight to the death...

...but not in Arena. Dango (a curated map) and Christmas in July (featured at the top of the blog) consider themselves to be Deathmatch maps. Unlike traditional Arena maps, the fighting never ends. If you die, you can respawn and get straight back into the action without having to wait in any sort of lobby.

Escape from Unturnov

Or get creative...

...on a non-traditional server. Many players are familiar with sandbox or roleplay experiences, but many servers host exclusive content like custom-made mods, unique plugins, and unique maps.

Experiences like Escape from Unturnov and KOTH attempt to recreate various key gameplay elements from games like Escape from Tarkov and Rust respectively, but with their own unique twists.


Escape from Unturnov has players performing raids either solo or in a team to collect loot and complete quests. When not scavenging areas of a war-torn Russia, players can physically interact with NPCs and set up their own home in a large safezone complex.

Meanwhile, KOTH features a "Combat Mode" that helps prevent combat logging, and crafting is more streamlined and simpler than traditional Rust-parody servers. Most unique is its deeply-integrated website, however.

And make your own!

More recently, a new Steam Workshop filter was added specifically for maps designed for a custom game mode.

Getting in Touch / Ask us Questions

Want to share something cool? Do you have questions for us? Feedback for Community Blog? Reach out to me via Twitter @MoltonMontro, via my email, or through the SDG Forum.

Here are some questions that have been sent our way since last time:

Q: Will Unturned II release on Steam or the Epic Games Store?

A: The game will release on Steam. Our community primarily uses the Steam storefront, and Steam offers many useful tools and community integration aspects that make it an ideal storefront for Unturned and Unturned II.

Q: Will there be officially-supported non-English languages in Unturned II?

A: Potentially, albeit not guaranteed. If there were, the most likely language would be Russian, and after that Portuguese, because those are the two largest non-English groups of Unturned playerbase. Of course, there will still be modding support for those who want to create a custom localization.

Q: Will it be possible for there to be mods that change the terrain on official maps?

A: For modifying existing maps, Nelson says that a good option would be to load custom props additively. It wouldn't be possible to override the vanilla map as a non-custom map though.

Q: What will the first maps in Unturned II be? Will we see familiar maps, and how many maps are planned to come out upon release?

A: Nelson is thinking of an American-style map to start with, although there have been numerous suggestions for non-American maps. "Unturned II remasters" of classic Unturned maps are more probable to appear much later on in development.

You're at the bottom of the post. Congratulations! Are you hyped for the next Devlog? Thanks to you guys, Unturned is once again one of the most played games on Steam. If you haven't noticed already, many of the older Stockpile bundles are currently on sale for the Steam Winter Sale 2019.

The next Unturned update will be in January, which should also feature new Stockpile content among other things. And Unturned II? There's been a lot going on this month. Ray tracing, improving guns, etc.. Of course, the basic implementation of medicine and armor influence is planned. But, there's been a bit more than just those things being worked on.

Sorry that this blog came out later than I had anticipated. I hope some of the new information helps to tide you all over. See you guys again real soon!