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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Community Blog #002

A spooky Halloween, community event round-up, and more!

Spooky Halloween!

A spooky Halloween has spread its influence into the main menu.

With this year's Halloween update, you'll see spooky decorations on all of the official maps, Halloween Gift Presents as a random playtime drop, and new community-created items in the Stockpile. The event runs until November 1.

At the time of the update, the Stockpile was not visibly showing the new skins and bundles on the search page, although they were available for purchase regardless. This has since been fixed, and here are direct links to each item:

Unity 2018.4 and Mods

With the latest update also comes an engine upgrade from 2017.4 to 2018.4. Mods created for Unity 2017.4 will still be compatible with this engine upgrade, but Unity 2018.4 mods won't work with older versions of the game.

Some of the contents of the ExampleAssets.unitypackage.

For those wanting to get into the modding scene, or are already avid content creators, the example assets provided have also been updated for this update. All the example assets are now in one comprehensive ExampleAssets.unitypackage, which includes far more assets than previous packages did!

The unitypackage can be found at ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Bundles\Sources\Examples.

Updated modding tutorials?

As the modding experience continues to be streamlined, so will the supplementary guides.

In the past, the modding guides were spread out between multiple Steam accounts and contained a mix of old and new information. Moving forward, official documentation will be available on a GitHub repository, and over time you will updated versions of the old official Steam guides.

If you have suggestions or requests for things you'd like to see updated documentation on first, you can contact me via the links provided in the "Getting in touch" section.

Community Events Round-up

What's already happened?

In the last community blog, the Summer MapJam was coming to an end. La Perla was the first place entry, and Whiterock Bay won the community vote! All of the maps submitted are available on the Steam Workshop.

On October 20, BakeNation hosted a Horde Mode event for Unturned II. Daniel "danaby2", creator of popular curated maps such as Canyon Arena and Dango, was the winner of this event. Very brief community-ran or SDG-sponsored events happen all the time, and if you're looking to find them when they do pop up they're mentioned quite often on the SDG Forum.

What's coming next?

The Unturned Official Discord server is planning on hosting an art contest. Stay tuned for more information regarding it, and be sure to join the Discord server for when it does start!

Ask us Questions

Have you been waiting for another AMA session? We'll be hosting mini-AMAs through these blog posts, in addition to highlighting community content.

You can use contact links provided below, in the "Getting in touch" section, to send questions our way.

Getting in touch

Looking to share something cool you made, or something you saw that looked cool? You can submit your own opinions on stuff you'd like to see featured directly! Reach out via Twitter @MoltonMontro, through the SDG Forum, or with my email