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"Remember to put a witty tagline here!" – 2022 edition.

Art Contest Winners

Ready, set, celebrate! You easily surpassed a hundred submissions, and the event's judges have selected from those fourteen winners for the Art Contest.

At the time of posting, the Shiny Art Contest Sweater may still be in the process of being distributed.

The categories below are purely for the sake of viewing convenience.


These works represent a bulk of the submissions, and encompass a wide variety of art styles. Be it lineless art, digitally drawn, or inspired by pastels. Flat shading, or an emphasis on capturing light.

  • TheMonkeyMan's depiction of entering Excursions in Unturned II.
  • PeloJanga's artwork titled "Airdrop Ambush".
  • Lizardflu's submission shows a survivor hard at work.
  • Lyeont's depiction of a recently ravaged city.
  • Nolam's piece titled "The Northern Overlook", depicting a survivor overlooking Washington.
  • BoyWithAFlute's submission, depicting survivors In The Woods.

Pixel Art

Pixel art is a form of digital art. These pieces depict the world at three different points of the day, each treating different artistic ideas distinctly.

  • Greg's submission, titled "Unturned Free to Play".
  • Great Hero J's submission, titled "Me and the boys headed for Holman".
  • Sherlock Gold's depiction of a survivor sleeping in a chair, presumably after a raid.


The defacto "other" category. Screenshots, tracings combined with digital art, renders, and more!

  • "The Last Ration", by SirAdy.
  • Queen's artwork, depicting a survivor lying prone at night.
  • Danaby's screenshot from in-game.
  • Sirba's submission, depicting a wall of concepts for vanilla-themed firearms.
  • "Summertime", by C1lez.

What else?

Congratulations to the fourteen (14) winners of the event, and thanks to the Discord's staff team for hosting it. Nelson and I both looked at every submission, and I know there were some tough calls made by the event judges.

Even if you aren't one of the people above, there were still a lot of really interesting or cool submissions! Various animated pieces, in-game screenshots combined with digital art, concept art, special references, and more.

And for the winners – you should receive your Shiny Art Contest Sweater soon. Don't worry if it hasn't arrived yet!

Thank you for participating, and Stay Unturned!